The relationship with your accountant is a very close and trusted one. We know that it takes a lot of consideration to choose an accountant. So how do you know if we’re right for you?

1. What would you like to ask us?

“The relationship between accountant and client has to be right from both sides. We have certain criteria for our clients to meet, and we expect our potential clients to quiz us too – so be brave and ask us whatever you feel you want to!”

Are we right for each other?

Before we meet, I like potential clients to answer certain questions, to help me consider if we may be right for each other, and I expect no less from them. We will answer anything you want to throw at us.

2. What is your biggest frustration with your current tax and accountancy advisor?

We like you to ask this so that before coming to meet with us, you have an idea of what you want. Simple as that! If we know what’s currently causing you grief, we can work towards making your life easier. We start to get to know how you like to operate, what approach will suit you best, and crucially – what you want from us as your accountants.

3. Where do you see yourself in three years’ time?

We want to share in your vision, to discover where you want to get to so that we can plan your financial journey.

We work with businesses who have that drive to succeed. We want to help you get to where you want to be financially. Our clients must be inspired, driven and ambitious.

We thrive on our clients’ success, your success.

4. If there’s one really important thing to know about you, what is it?

We build trusted and professional relationships.

We know our clients, and we’re proud of that fact, so get us started with something about you!

5. Are you ready to retain more of your wealth?

At JLA we specialise in wealth retention. With clever tax planning and an unparalleled knowledge of the tax system, we believe we’re the best at saving you money and ensuring that you retain as much of your wealth as possible (in our humble opinion and without wishing to brag!)

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